The Ramayana Research Foundation

The Ramayana Research Foundation & The Foundation for Ramayana Consciousness (The Foundations) was established in the year 2012 & 2014 respectively. The RRF inculcates research on Ramayana which is later spread by the FoRaCo.

The foundations are the offshoot of the prestigious Sree Ramaseva Mandali Bangalore, a 78 year old organisation which is the organiser of the largest Indian Classical Music festival & Ramanavami Celebrations.

The foundation had successfully organised the fist World Ramayana Conference in the year 2015 and is organising a second one in the year 2017. The Foundation has also started “Everything about Ramayana” web platform to bring out a Cultural Revolution & world peace by the means of Ramayana.

The vision of the Ramayana Foundations is:

“To clear misconception and misunderstandings people have on Ramayana and to bring out a cultural revolution in the world by the means of Ramayana”

The mission of the Ramayana Foundations are:

“To organise world conferences on Ramayana, to establish a theme park based on Ramayana and establish institutions to research, analyse and apply (RAA of Ramayana) the spirit of Ramayana in the society”

The foundation is desirous of establishing Rama Grama - Ramayana Theme park in Karnataka. Both the foundations are registered Charitable, Educational & Cultural Trusts with 12AA and 80G certificates from the Income Tax department.

The Foundation has an advisory committee by the name RAA Committee which acts as a Knowledge Partner for our endeavour. The committee has 35 eminent personalities from various walks of life. The committee includes scholars, philanthropists & scientist. The EAR platform was created for the members of RAA Committee to share their knowledge and expertise on the epic.

The foundations are the brain child of S.N.Varadaraj & Abhijith Varadaraj S who have dedicated their lives in the service of lord Rama.

Ramayana Foundation Dedicated Team

S.N.Varadaraj – Founder & Managing Trustee

A Mechanical Engineer by profession, he left his job at a MNC to continue the tradition that had been started by his dear father Late Sri S V Narayanaswmay Rao. He is at the helm of affairs at the prestigious Sree Ramaseva Mandali which is the organiser of the largest Ramanavami Celebrations. Son of a great Rama devotee, S.N.Varadaraj has dedicated his life for the cause of Indian Culture and heritage.

Born to a great Rama Bhakta, he has inherited a great devotion and knowledge towards lord Rama. Lord Rama has blessed him with good administration skill, which has resulted in the overall growth of the 78 year old Sree Ramaseva Mandali. He started many cultural and Ramayana related activities during the Ramanavami celebrations. One such activity was organising a 3 day Ramayana Conference during the 70th Sree Ramanavami Celebrations.

His wish to gather a world perspective about Ramayana by conducting a World Conference led to the formation of the foundation. He is determined to establish Rama Grama which will celebrate the story of his lord Ramachandra.

Abhijith Varadaraj S – Executive Officer

The Brain behind the Foundation, he is determined in to create a cultural revolution by the means of Ramayana. Born in the family of Rama Bhaktas, he was quite naturally inclined towards lord Rama & Ramayana from his childhood days. He views Ramayana from a scientific and cultural perspective and is always involved in clearing misconceptions people have on Ramayana.

At a tender age of 16, he persuaded his father to establish an organisation for the purpose of doing scientific research and analysis on Ramayana which is a socio cultural marvel. Abhijith Varadaraj S who is in his early 20’s is perusing Management degree from a prestigious University in Bangalore. He is also a violinist and has great inclination towards the world of Karnatic Music.

He aims to take the spirit of Ramayana to India’s youth. As a first step to achieve his vision, the foundation has started the EAR platform. He conceptualised the objectives, vision & mission of the foundation. The concept of a Ramayana Theme Park with a Dasharatha Palace & 24,000 idols of lord Rama symbolising 24,000 hymns of Ramayana was evolved by him along with the logo’s of the RRF & FoRaCo.

S.N.Varadaraj & Abhijith Varadaraj S requires your support in their endeavour of Preserving, Protecting & Promoting Cultural heritage of this great Nation. Join them today in their vision; come be part of a revolution.

The Previous World Ramayana Conference 1 - 2015

A world conference on Ramayana in such a massive scale was first organised by The Ramayana Research Foundation after almost 6 decades of Indian Independence in the year 2015. The Conference was organised on 23rd, 24th & 25th of January 2015 at the special German Hanger, National College Grounds, Bangalore.

Over 35 scholars from various walks of life presented papers that cleared major misconceptions. The paper presentation also saw a scientific, economic, psychological, historical interpretation on Ramayana. The first World Ramayana Conference also staged the first ever National Debate on Ramayana. Cultural activities were also part of this knowledge extravaganza, that was witnessed by around One lakh people.

Everything About Ramayana:

With a vision of taking Ramayana to the youth and clearing its several misconceptions, the Foundations for Ramayana Research & Ramayana Consciousness has started a web platform in the name of ‘Everything About Ramayana – EAR’.

EAR will host slideshows regarding various aspects of the epic. Around 20 scholars from various walks of life are in our team to spread the nectar of Rama Nama. EAR has a segment wherein people can get clarified doubts with regards to Ramayana.

Rama Grama:

The main object of the Foundations for Ramayana Research & Ramayana Consciousness is to construct a Ramayana Theme Park ™ in the name of Rama Grama ™. The Theme park will make people revisit the Ramayana era. The park will host the Dhasharatha Palace which will have the sanctum of Pattabhi Rama, Lakshmi Narasimha & Lakshmi Varaha along with 24,000 idols of lord Rama representing 24,000 shlokas in the epic. The foundation requires your help in this endeavour.